The Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court is located in the Lafayette Parish Courthouse in downtown Lafayette. The Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court is open Monday through Friday, except legal holidays, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. All members of the public and all deliveries must use the entrances located on the south side of the building. All persons and packages entering the building will be searched. You may not bring celluar telephones into the building that have cameras on them. Proper dress is required.

Mon - Fri: 8:30AM to 4:30PM

The Lafayette Parish Courthouse is located one block west of Jefferson Street at its intersection with Main Street.

Legal Holidays for 2019

Date Day Of Week Closed for
01/01/2019 Tuesday New Year's Day
01/21/2019 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
02/18/2019 Monday Washington's Birthday
03/05/2019 Tuesday Mardi Gras
04/19/2019 Friday Good Friday
05/27/2019 Monday Memorial Day
07/04/2019 Thursday Independence Day
07/05/2019 Friday Governor's Proclamation (Day after 4th of July)
09/02/2019 Monday Labor Day
11/01/2019 Friday All Saints Day
11/11/2019 Monday Veterans' Day
11/28/2019 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
11/29/2019 Friday Day After Thanksgiving
12/24/2019 Tuesday Christmas Eve
12/25/2019 Wednesday Christmas Day
12/31/2019 Tuesday New Year's Eve