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Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret
Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court - Louis J. Perret


  1. What is the difference between a birth certificate and a birth card?
    • The birth certificate contains detailed information. A birth card is a short abbreviated form.

  2. How long does it take to print the birth record?
    • Birth records from 1983 to present can be printed within minutes. Birth records before 1983 may require a minimum of a 1 hour wait.

  3. Can anyone purchase my birth record?
    • No, only the applicant or an immediate family member, with pictured ID, can purchase your birth record.

  4. I was born in another state; can you print my birth record?
    • No, we can only generate birth records for individuals who were born in the State of Louisiana.


  1. Does the Clerk of Court provide forms that can be filled out and filed, including a petition for divorce, if I cannot afford to retain an attorney?
    • We do not provide any forms. Forms can be purchased through the Lafayette Bar Association and then filed here. Their phone number is (337)237-4700.


  1. Does the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court provide death certificates?
    • Yes, death certificates are available for deaths that occured after July 9, 2012.


  1. How do I become an election commissioner?
    • New commissioner schools are held once a year at the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court's Office. Please contact the Election Department at (337)291-6368 for additional information.

  2. How do I register to vote or make changes to my voter registration?
    • You can register online by clicking HERE or call the Registrar of Voters Office at (337)291-7140 for more information.

  3. How do I find my elected official?
    • You can find your elected official by clicking HERE.

  4. How do I find my voting precinct and location?
    • You can find your voting precinct and location by clicking HERE.


  1. Is it mandatory to attend jury duty?
    • Yes, it is required by law unless a person does not meet one of the qualifications or if they meet one of the exemptions and are excused by the court. The qualifications and exemptions can be found HERE.

  2. How was I selected for jury service?
    • Potential jurors are selected randomly from a list of names consisting of Lafayette parish registered voters & licensed drivers over 18 years of age residing in Lafayette Parish.

  3. How long should I expect to be in jury duty?
    • The average length of service is 2-4 days on most cases.

  4. Do I report in on the day I am summoned or do I need to call-in before?
    • Most subpoenas have a call-in notice located in the bolded box on the summons. If your summons has a call-in notice, call on the date and time instructed. Listen to the entire message.
    • If there is no call-in notice, report in on the date and time indicated.

  5. I am worried about getting fired from my job if I take off and serve on jury duty. Can my employer do this?
    • According to Louisiana Revised Statute 23:965, an employer cannot terminate an employee for serving jury duty and must pay the employee for up to one day if the employee receives full-time benefits, without reduction in sick, emergency, or personal leave.

  6. I received a jury subpeona, and I am deaf. I would like to serve on jury duty. Does the court provide an interpreter or someone who practices sign language?
    • Yes, interpreters are avaliable with advanced notice. Call the Jury Office at (337)291-6355.

  7. Can I bring my cell phone into the courthouse?
    • Camera cell phones are not allowed in the Parish Courthouse. The Jury Assembly Room has two public phones for your convenience.

  8. How can my family contact me in case of an emergency while I am serving jury duty?
    • You may give your family members the Jury Office phone number, (337)291-6355.

  9. What happens if I missed my jury duty date?
    • Immediately call the Jury Office at (337)291-6355 and the jury staff will reschedule your service.


  1. Can I get a copy of my conviction from when I was a juvenile?
    • All juvenile records are confidential and no copies can be given without a direct order from a judge.

  2. Can I get a copy of the order granting me custody of a child from juvenile court?
    • All juvenile records are confidential and no copies can be given without a direct order from a judge.

  3. My child is giving me trouble, what can I do?
    • We suggest you contact your local law enforcement agency and speak with a juvenile officer. You can also contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office Juvenile Assessment Center at (337)231-6365.


  1. Are there forms for filing a protective order online?
    • Due to the large volume of different forms that can be used, we do not provide forms online for filing a protective order.


  1. What form of payments does the Recording department accept?
    • We accept cash, check, or credit/debit cards.

  2. Do you collect a portal fee?
    • Yes, our office does collect a portal fee of $5.00 per document.

  3. Where do I get an Assumed Business Name form?
    • That form can be found by clicking HERE.


  1. I want to know who owns the property at a particular address. Does the Clerk of Court provide that information?

  2. Is there a charge for making copies of land records?
    • $.50 per page if you make the copies yourself or $1.00 per page if we make the copies for you.

  3. I have paid off my mortgage, where or when do I get my title?
    • There are no titles to property. What is considered your title is your cash sale, donation, or however the property was transferred to you. You will need to make sure the mortgage company cancels the mortgage.

  4. Can you provide me the date when my house was built or a copy of the house plans?
    • We will not know when a house was built and we do not have house plans. We have land transfers along with any improvements. You may be able to find out when a house was built if you come in and check the names of past owners to see if they bought from a builder or by the sale price from one owner to another.

  5. Can I get a plat of my property?
    • Only if one was recorded in our office. If you live in a subdivision it may be a plat of the whole subdivision. The cost of a plat ranges from $1.00 to $5.00, depending on the size of the plat.

  6. Can I have copies or plats emailed to me?
    • No. We only provide copies through U.S. Mail or in person.

  7. Can I get a title search on my property?
    • Not from our office. Title searches are done by attorneys or abstractors.


  1. Can I pay my fine without appearing in court?
    • Some traffic offenses are payable without necessity of appearing in court. Contact the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's office to see if your charge is payable and how much the fine and court cost will be.

  2. Can I expunge my Driving While Intoxicated conviction?
    • The Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court strongly suggests you hire an attorney to help you with filing an expungement. To review the cost and forms for filing an expungement please click HERE.

  3. I missed my court date, what should I do?
    • Contact the Traffic department for instructions on receiving a new court date at (337)291-6370.

A convenience fee of 3.00% will be assessed to each credit/debit card transaction. There is a minimum convenience fee of $1.00 for all transactions under $33.00.